Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Devil's Cookie - Ending III

The final ending is finally done!

In this one Mio grows a cock, and is joined by one of her friends, who doesn't turn out to be the helper that Master was hoping for!

Contains: Giantess, Shrinking, Absorption, Breast Expansion, F/F, FF/f, Feet, Vaginal Insertion, Oral Vore, Shrunken woman, Cock vore

Free releases:


Paid releases can be found through:
Subscribestar Adult

Software used:

Autodesk Maya 2023 (Most of the work, modelling, posing, render prep etc.)
Yeti Plugin (Hair)
Marvelous Designer (Clothes)
Redshift (Rendering)
Substance Painter (Main texturing work)
Adobe Photoshop (Minor texture edits and such)
Adobe After Effects (Post Processing)
Adobe Audition (Audio)
Adobe Premiere (Editing)

Sunday, 28 May 2023

Devil's Cookie, Ending I - trailer

Trailer here:


Full release coming soon!


Almost done with the first ending. Just some re-renders (and post processing) left, and I'll likely do one more pass at the audio, trying to balance volume better across the video

There's always a minor chance something goes wrong, but I'd say it's quite unlikely at this point!

Trailer Music from FreePD (Managing Mischief, Attic Secrets) Refraining from naming artists, they're public domain, and considering the content, they might not want the attention.

Final release probably won't have music, except for the intro, where I'll use either the one in the trailer, or something similar, since it sets the mood nicely.

That's all for now!

Sunday, 23 April 2023

Devil's Cookie sneak peek


I posted a small sneak peek from the upcoming animation "Devil's Cookie", which was formerly known as "Succubus animation" (project name).


The video will be released in 3 parts.

Release Estimates: 15.5.-30.6. Oral ending (roughly 8 min) 22.5.-30.6. Insertion ending (around 9½ min) 15.6.-31.7. Dick ending (BJ) (a bit over 14 min)

The rendering times are honestly much higher than I anticipated them to be when I started doing render prep, despite having bought two 4090s to help render it. Which is why there's such a large time range with the releases.

So still some wait remaining, but not too long now! 

Sunday, 5 March 2023

Some rendered stills from the upcoming Succubus animation.


I'm nearing the point where I can start pushing out some final renders for the animation. Hopefully during next week.

Rendering will take around 2 months, but even 3 months isn't impossible! Things can always go wrong. But unless things go very wrong, I have a hard time seeing it not release during the first half of 2023.

In the meantime, here's some still renders from the video! Note that while these are likely very close to the final look, some things can still change. 

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Succubus animation, there is no release estimate for Final yet


I've noticed some people claiming there's a release coming in August. I'm not sure where these people have gotten this info, but it is false. The final release for the Succubus animation is still months away. I won't give an estimate on the Final release, until I'm reasonably certain, that I can deliver in that time frame, nor have I done so at any point during this project. This is due to the heavily missed estimates during Dimini Part 2

What is estimated for end of August, are the playblasts (WIP previews) for Ending 2 & 3. Ending 1 playblast was released a bit over a week ago. So story wise the clip is almost finished, but there's still a lot of work to be done before final release.

Things left to do, and rough estimates for steps:
  • Endings 2 & 3 (Roughly 1 Playblast's worth of work) (Estimate August/Early September) Done
  • Lipsync (Estimate Early/Mid October)
  • Some missing secondary animations (tits, tail and other things that mostly just "follow" along) (Estimate Early/Mid October)
  • Some animation polishing, possibly some re-timing of some shots (Estimate Early/Mid October)
  • Some minor animation polishing left
  • Simulations (At least hair, possibly some liquids, will need to experiment if I can get considerably better results with it, compared to what I can do manually) (Probably roughly a month's work? Depends on the quality I'm aiming for)
  • Master's Clothes for the intro parts (This and the remaining steps will likely take anywhere from 1-2 months, and while unlikely 3 isn't impossible either. Again depends on how much work I want to put quality wise)
  • Lighting
  • Material Tuning 
  • Rendering (Around 1-2 months for this and the remaining steps)
  • Post processing
  • Some potential final audio tweaking 

So, while I'm nearing the ending stretch of the project, a lot of those remaining things can take a lot of time to do. I'm fairly confident the animation will come out during the 1st quarter of 2023, but as always, I won't make any guarantees, until I'm close enough to release, that I'm essentially certain there wont' be any bigger delays at least.

For more info on the current project, see: